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Childbirth, mechanical tissue damage, or simply aging — our bodies may (and probably will) undergo changes that we’re not completely on board with. Vaginoplasty, or rather genitoplasty in general, is a means to restore normal structure and function of the genital organs. This includes both applying cosmetic changes, as well as correcting various defects (congenital and acquired). While vaginoplasty deals exclusively with the inside of female reproductive organs, labiaplasty includes all the procedures concerning the vulva (areas “outside”, including labia major and minor). Find out everything you need to know about the procedures.

Vaginoplasty — what is it?

To put it shortly, vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to reconstruct (or in some cases also construct) its normal features. In most cases it includes tightening the vaginal opening that has stretched due to aging process, as well as mechanical trauma caused by injuries, childbirth, or other circumstances. It is also performed as a part of gender reassignment treatment — in that case the vagina is formed using the existing genital tissue.

Labiaplasty, on the other hand, is performed to alter the appearance of the outer parts of female genital organs. In most cases women resort to this type of procedure motivated by purely cosmetic reasons, or some physical discomfort during sexual intercourse and day-to-day functioning. Similar to other genitoplasty surgeries, it might be applied to correct natural defects, as well as those acquired later in life. Typically, it is performed to get rid of an asymmetry between the vaginal lips (minor or major) or to simply make them smaller.

Vaginoplasty — all you need to know about the surgery

When should you get a genitoplasty? This matter, as with any other surgical procedure, is highly individual and requires consulting with a medical professional. The most popular indications are chronic discomfort during sex or urination, mechanical trauma caused by childbirth or physical injuries, and congenital defects (both cosmetic and functional). Some of the cases also include correcting excisions performed to treat other conditions, or even changes caused by radiation treatment.

Before the procedure itself it is good to have realistic expectations in terms of the results. Also, bear in mind that the course of the procedure might slightly differ, depending on the approach, applied method, and other individual factors unique to the specific case.

Preparation, procedure, and recovery

Vaginoplasty should be preceded with a series of tests to ensure your safety during the procedure itself. Those tests usually include a physical examination, as well as a consultation, during which your doctor will learn your medical history and advise you on the potential risks and complications. You’ll also learn about the course of the operation and necessary care requirements after.

The procedure itself depends on what you wish to achieve. Usually, it involves the removal of excess skin in the vulva area, reducing the opening size, or securing any loose tissue with appropriate stitching. Vaginoplasty might also include any other corrections aimed at restoring the proper functioning of the organ. It is often performed under local anaesthesia, but general one is also an option.

Usual post-surgery recovery takes from one week to several month, depending on the extent of the procedure. Sexual intercourse and the use of tampons are inadvisable during the first eight week after the surgery. Potential risks include loss of sensation in the area, as well as pain during intercourse and daily activities.

Learn more!

Why do women decide to undergo vaginoplasty in the first place? The procedure definitely has the potential for solving a lot of problems — both of physical and psychological nature. From relieving the pain and maintaining proper functioning of the organ, to giving a much-needed confidence boost. To learn more about specific medical procedures, feel free to check other articles available on our website.

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