Conservative dentistry, i.e. general dentistry, is the most common type of dental intervention. It involves diagnosis, treatment of infections and caries in the early stages of development as well as prevention and prevention of oral diseases. Most basic dental services are provided as part of conservative dentistry. During the follow-up visit, doctors first of all diagnose the patient and then start caries treatment or when the infection is already too large, they direct the patient to root canal treatment. Treatment is as important as prevention, which is why at the control visit the patient should appear every six months.

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Conservative dentistry allows you to quickly detect and cure caries before it develops, thoroughly destroying the infected tooth. Rapid diagnosis is the key to detect disturbing lesions in the mouth. Once lesions are detected, it should act as soon as possible to remove the outbreak of caries. You can get rid of it before you get severe pain. Then the treatment is less complicated, less painful and also shorter. The main thing is to prevent the development of caries.

Conservative dentistry treatments offered at KCM Clinic:

  • Dental review and examination
  • Ozonation of teeth
  • Caries treatment
  • Composite fillings
  • Broken tooth reconstruction
  • Rebuilding teeth on fiberglass inlays

Caries is the most common cause of disease among dental patients. It is formed on the teeth as a result of the action of bacteria that have accumulated on the plaque. Initially, discoloration is visible, and along with the development of caries, bacteria destroy tooth enamel. When the enamel is damaged, a defect arises, a hole in the tooth can start to cause pain. Then remove the caries, clean the tooth and fill the cavity, i.e. put on the seal. If the tooth is not cured at this stage, the caries continues.

Untreated caries leads to damage to the tooth pulp and very painful inflammation, then root canal or endodontic treatment is necessary. Lack of intervention leads to complete damage to the tooth, which can eventually result in tooth extraction. However, tooth loss is not the most serious consequence of untreated caries. Complications of untreated caries lead to lesions of distant organs in the patient’s body – in the heart, kidneys, joints. Untreated caries can also cause eye damage.

Prevention is the most effective method of preventing oral lesions. Caries, or cavities, is the most common disease. It is formed by the growth of bacteria on the plaque, softening and damaging the enamel. The best way to avoid tooth decay is to effectively prevent bacterial growth. This is possible thanks to proper hygiene, i.e. daily brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Effective hygiene is the use of correct techniques, but regularity and daily care of the health of your teeth is equally important. During the visit, your doctor tells you how to better care for and prevent oral illness.

Regular visits to the dental office are just as important as daily oral hygiene. Detects early lesions or caries. It may not be visible to the patient, and caries can also be painless in the early stages. This gives you the opportunity to develop the disease. To prevent this, you need to see your dentist. Rapid detection of changes and implementation of treatment gives a chance for painless and efficient removal of caries outbreaks. During visits, the doctor can additionally indicate how to take better care of the health and good appearance of his teeth. To keep your mouth clean at the highest level, regular hygiene procedures in dental offices are also recommended.

Does the dental clinic operate under the National Health Fund?

Services – including consultations, treatment, surgery, cosmetic dentistry and diagnostics – are performed as part of the dental clinic at KCM Clinic and are available only privately or for private medical insurance. The scope of services included in the private medical insurance package may vary, as it depends on the patient’s individual insurance. To verify that your treatment is part of private medical insurance, contact the insurer directly.

How can I arrange a procedure under general / inhalation anesthesia?

Each treatment begins with consultation with a specialist, diagnostics based on modern x-ray diagnostics, thanks to which it is possible to establish a treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of the patient. The joint decision of the patient and the doctor about the type of anesthesia used during the procedure is made during medical consultation.

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