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BMI value ranges
Less than 16 Starvation
17-18.49 Underweight
18.5-24.99 Normal value
25-29.99 Overweight
30-34.99 1st degree of obesity
35-39.99 2nd grade of obesity
Over 40 Extreme obesity

What is BMI?

The BMI coefficient is counted by dividing body weight, given in kilograms, by the square of height, given in meters.

History of BMI

The anthropometric body mass index was developed in 1832 by Belgian mathematician Adolf Quetelet.

How does the BMI calculator work?

The formula for BMI is quite simple: BMI = your weight in kg ÷ (your height in m)². So a man who is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 75 kg would have a BMI of 24.5.

Based on WHO criteria, he would have a normal BMI. After calculating your BMI, you can determine whether you are underweight and need to gain weight to achieve a healthier BMI, or whether it would be wise to follow a low-calorie diet and match it with exercise to lose a few pounds.

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