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With their growing availability and affordability, plastic surgery procedures are no longer a luxury solely within reach of the rich and famous. Nowadays, plastic surgery is a common way for people who are unhappy with their appearance and want to remove imperfections and enhance their natural beauty. The increased interest in both surgical and non-surgical procedures can be observed all over the world, but due to issues such as cultural factors, healthcare standards and costs, some countries can offer patients significantly more affordable plastic surgery options than others.

Luckily, thanks to advancing globalisation, travelling is today much easier and cheaper than ever before, giving those looking to enhance their looks the opportunity to choose whether they want to undergo surgery at home or abroad. But which country is the best choice when it comes to plastic surgery?

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What Is Medical Tourism?

Looking for opportunities to undergo surgery in other countries is not limited to cosmetic surgery procedures and is actually common enough to have acquired its own name: medical tourism. There are various reasons why medical tourists choose to go abroad for treatment, ranging from the desire to save money due to the lower costs of surgical and non-surgical procedures to looking for opportunities to undergo treatments and access innovative surgical techniques not available locally. Another reason is long waiting times to see surgical specialists in your home country. Many clinics, such as KCM Clinic in Poland, focus their efforts to international patients as one of the main parts of their services by providing comprehensive healthcare packages, multilingual staff and an easily accessible location, driver and accommodation options among other things.

3 Things to Look For When Looking for Plastic Surgery Abroad

Is It Safe to Undergo Plastic Surgery Procedures Abroad?

All surgical procedures carry a certain risk of complications and possible side effects, thus, the issue of safety should never be underestimated. To ensure your safety, when travelling abroad for a plastic surgery procedure, make sure that the standard of your chosen medical facility complies with international standards and that the clinic itself has the experience, testimonials, competence, equipment and qualifications necessary to carry out effective and safe operations.

Is Your Health Insurance Valid in Other Countries?

A good insurance policy can protect you from additional expenses arising from post-surgery complications or other health issues experienced while out of the country. Making sure that your health insurance offers coverage within the country you’re travelling to, and covers undergoing treatment there, is essential to ensure your safety as a medical tourist.

What Is Included in Your Plastic Surgery Package?

Pre-surgery consultation and post-surgery care are just as important for a speedy recovery and satisfactory results as the surgery itself. That’s why it’s essential to check what exactly is included in the package offered by a particular clinic. While there are cosmetic procedures that do not require a hospital stay for longer than a day such as eyelid surgery or an eyebrow lift, long travel directly after more invasive surgical interventions can affect your recovery. Therefore, it’s always important to learn as much as possible not only about the procedure, but also about the extent of care and support you can count on, including post-operative care and follow-up appointments. Normally, your medical coordinator in the clinic will inform about the optimal length of stay in the chosen country.

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Top Destinations for Plastic Surgeries in the World

To qualify as a good destination for plastic surgery a country has to not only offer affordable prices but also meet all the requirements mentioned above. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, the popularity of a certain location or clinic is often based primarily on feedback from previous patients – good reviews are usually considered more reliable than extensive marketing campaigns and more important than low prices as far as the safety and quality of cosmetic surgery are concerned. While it’s possible to find good clinics and excellent plastic surgeons all around the world, e.g. countries such as South Korea, Poland, Israel and the United States are well-known for high-quality healthcare, there are places where finding innovative, high-quality and affordable plastic surgery options is easier than elsewhere.

Where to Go for Cosmetic Procedures in Europe?

While countries such as Thailand and Mexico are already well established as plastic surgery destinations, there are also mature destinations such as Poland, that over the years turned out as an attractive location for medical tourists, offering innovative and high quality dental and bariatric treatments, as well as specialising in aesthetic medicine.

4 Reasons to Choose Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Poland

  • As a member state of the EU, Poland offers medical care that meets international standards, providing patients with safe and effective operations using the latest available equipment and least invasive methods.
  • Poland offers lower prices for medical care than Western European countries.
  • Many plastic surgery clinics in Poland focus on providing their services not only to local but also international patients, delivering quality healthcare, comfortable accommodation and easy communication thanks to the multilingual staff, with KCM Clinic being one of the leaders.
  • The availability of various transport methods and numerous air connections to other European countries make travelling to and from Poland quick, easy and affordable.