The Laryngology Clinic deals with diagnostics, treatment and qualification for surgical procedures performed as part of the Laryngology Department.

Snoring is a symptom of obstructed airflow through the patient’s airways. Increased airway resistance causes the air flowing during inhalation to move and vibrate the uvula and the soft palate.

Problems with bothersome snoring may be related, among others, to with obesity, nicotinism, hypertrophy of the palatine tonsils or laxity of the pharyngeal muscles. Snoring can also be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea – a condition that is associated with repeated episodes of loss or shallow airflow through the airways. Therefore, proper diagnosis and treatment of snoring may contribute, among others, to to improve the quality of sleep or reduce the frequency of awakenings.

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One of the reasons for snoring is the increased laxity of the tissues in the throat. The RAVOR snoring treatment method is a technique that allows you to raise and increase stiffness, among others soft palate. The effect of this treatment is to reduce the resistance in the airways during inhalation, which reduces both snoring and the accompanying ailments.

The RAVOR radiosurgery method is most often performed on an outpatient basis using only local anesthesia, and its duration usually does not exceed an hour. It consists in appropriate reduction and reduction of excessively large submucosal tissues, e.g. turbinates, uvula or soft palate. For this purpose, the operator places appropriate electrodes, e.g. needle electrodes, in the area of ​​the patient’s body to be treated. The electrodes placed submucosa then transmit electromagnetic pulses to the tissues, which are responsible for warming the surrounding tissues to a temperature of about 100 degrees C. The local tissue necrosis induced in this way results in the development of sterile inflammation, and the whole organization is organized within a few weeks. During this time, there are for scarring and stiffening of the treated tissues.

The RAVOR method works well for treating snoring and reducing mild sleep apnea by increasing the volume of the airway at the throat level. In the process of local tissue damage, electromagnetic waves of radio frequency are used, thanks to which the temperatures used during treatments are lower than, for example, in procedures using laser energy. The use of a lower temperature also allows for greater control over the course of treatment.

RAVOR radiosurgery in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea is performed on a one-day basis, as it belongs to the group of minimally invasive procedures. Most often, a one-time procedure is enough to correct the existing problem, and in less frequent cases it is necessary to visit the patient again.

The therapy is performed on a one-day basis. The patient is qualified for the procedure during an ENT consultation with our operator.

A few hours after the procedure, the patient is discharged home. After the procedure, the patient is recommended to avoid consuming hot meals and drinking alcohol in the post-treatment period, and it is also recommended to limit excessive vocal effort for a period of about 4 days.

In rare cases, any procedure, even minimally invasive, such as the RAVOR radiosurgical method, may be associated with the occurrence of side effects. Any complications should be discussed with the attending physician.


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