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KCM Clinic is a modern specialized hospital and clinic located in the heart of the Karkonosze Mountains, offering professional and comprehensive medical care. Beautifully restored and expanded building is located in the very center of Jelenia Góra and meets the needs of people with disabilities. The clinic was established in 2006 originally under the name of Karkonoskie Medical Center, today – KCM CLINIC, trying to provide all patients with access to world-class medicine.

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As a few in Poland, we use the latest methods of non-invasive teeth treatment: Ozonotherapy and Air Abrazja. We provide modern, comprehensive radiological diagnostics – 3D tapered tomography with wide field of imaging, 2D cephalometry, 3D pantomography and radiovision. We offer a wide range of dental procedures in a comfortable environment and a friendly atmosphere. Painless treatment ensures the use of a unique computer anesthetic system The Wand.


We use the latest operating techniques based on ARTHREX arthroscopic medical equipment and using top class hip and knee prosthetics from ZIMMER Biomet.


For the sake of patient safety and health, KCM Clinic, as one of the few centres in Europe and worldwide, conducts laparoscopic treatments in the latest 3D technology.

We are an international training center and organizer of international workshops in laparoscopic procedures using the 3D method.


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system, such as: inflammation of the bladder and urethra, prostate diseases, fertility disorders, tumors of the bladder, testicles, penises, phimosis, urolithiasis urinary tract.


Our specialists deal, among others: gynecological laparoscopy in the latest 3D three-dimensional technology, treatment of advanced endometriosis, fibroid and other uterine and ovarian tumors, diagnosis and treatment of infertility.


Within the Department of Entropy, our experienced, top-class specialists doctors perform a wide range of otolaryngological procedures, for adults and children. We provide our small patients with comfortable conditions in the hospital ward, with the possibility of accommodation of parents in the child’s room.

We also specialize in minimally invasive treatment of snoring using the RAVOR system.


We specialize in CATHODE OPERATIONS by microcut phacoemulsification (the latest generation Stellaris camera from Bausch&Lomb), using innovative aberration, aspherical and multifocal lenses. We use state-of-the-art techniques in Laser Therapy of the Organ of Vision using the top-of-the-line SLT and YAG laser and Ellex’s Green Diode Laser.


As part of the Department of Pediatric Surgery, our experienced specialists perform specialiSed surgical procedures in children on a one- and two-day mode.

All treatments are performed under anesthesia under the strict supervision of anesthesiologists. Modern operating block, extensive diagnostics and peri-operative care of qualified medical personnel, guarantee the child safety and comfort during and after the operation. We provide our small patients with comfortable conditions in the hospital ward, with the possibility of accommodation of parents in the child’s room.


Rehabilitation is an extremely important part of recovery and physical fitness. Thanks to the impact on all spheres (physical and mental) and the continuity of rehabilitation, the patient quickly returns to form and can enjoy full health. At KCM Clinic, we have modern rehabilitation equipment and a qualified team of rehabilitators.


Magnetic resonance imaging is a non-invasive and safe examination. Resonance imaging uses the influence of the magnetic field on the human body for a detailed assessment of anatomical structures from head to toe. It allows a detailed assessment of the condition of internal organs and soft tissues and their lesions. It does not require the use of potentially harmful X-rays.

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Computed tomography is a diagnostic method that allows the creation of cross-sectional and spatial images of the body part studied. At the OMEGA Imaging Diagnostics Center, we conduct a wide range of CT scans, including specialized functional and vascular studies. To make your stay and examination with us as pleasant as possible, in omega diagnostic centers diagnostics waiting for you a pleasant atmosphere and patient-friendly staff.

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