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For Doctor

KCM Clinic Invites for International LIVE streaming Bariatric Surgery Workshop



GUEST Surgeon

Murat Üstün, MD, PhD

Istanbul, Turkey


KCM Clinic Surgeon

Prof. Piotr Major, MD, PhD

Jelenia Góra, Poland



  • Presentation: One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass – pros and cons.
    Murat Üstün
  • LIVE Surgery:  OAGB – tips and tricks.
    Surgeon: Murat Üstün / Piotr Major
  • Lecture: Surgical difficulties with sleeve gastrectomy.
    Piotr Major
  • LIVE Surgery: Sleeve gastrectomy – tips and tricks.
    Surgeon: Murat Üstün / Piotr Major
  • Questions and Answers.

For Patient

Month with KCM Clinic #3 | Omega loop Gastric Bypass vs Gastric Sleeve | dr n. med. Grzegorz Kowalski - 01.04.2022


Some of the names of gastric procedures may sound enigmatic to most of us and definitely need explanation. In fact, the patient needs to know the most basic differences so that they understand the surgery and the changes that will take place in their body.

Month with KCM Clinic #2 | Revision surgeries | Prof. Piotr Major - 25.03.2022


Weight control at some stage requires the intervention of modern surgery.

Month with KCM Clinic #1 | Gastic by-pass VS Mini Gastric by-pass | Prof. Piotr Major - 18.05.2022


There are many effective methods of surgical treatment of obesity.
It is extremely important to consult with a specialist as to which of these will be most appropriate for a particular patient.

Webinar with Dr. Grzegorz Kowalski - 04.02.2022


What to expect after bariatric surgery.

Our Patient - Pawel Borsucki ambassador of social campaign #wnowymksztalcie - 26.08.2021

In Poland obesity affects every 4th person. The estimates of the National Health Fund state that in 2025 as many as 30% of people will be obese. Obesity (BMI > 40) affects more than 700 thousand Poles and continues to grow. Find out more about the social campaign #wnowymksztalcie.

Patient Q&A with Dr. Marta Wilczyńska, specialist in plastic surgery at KCM Clinic Jelenia Góra - 31.05.2021


Dr. Marta Wilczynska answers questions.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Luis Chabab answers Questions about his Job at KCM Clinic - 21.05.2021


Anesthesiologist Dr. Luis Chabab answers Questions about his Job at KCM Clinic
Preparation and anesthesia of patients for surgical procedures.

Dietician explains her role in bariatric surgery - 21.05.2021


Magdalena Otto, a dietician at KCM Clinic explains why her job is an important role in the weight loss journey before and after bariatric surgery

Interview with Prof. Piotr Major, a specialist in the field of bariatrics at KCM Clinic Jelenia Góra - 04.03.2021


Prof. Piotr Major answers questions about weight loss surgery at KCM Clinic Jelenia Góra, Poland.

Webinar with Dr. n. med. Grzegorz Kowalski - 17.11.2020


Bariatric surgery in pandemic obese patients
A conversation with Dr. Grzegorz Kowalski, MD
bariatric surgeon at KCM Clinic in Jelenia Góra,
Center for Surgical Treatment of Obesity

Webinar with Prof. Piotr Major, MD - 05.11.2020


Surgical treatment of obesity in the era of COVID
Interview with Prof. UJ Piotr Major, MD
Questions & Answers

IVth Annual Conference 4K LIVE Surgery Workshop - 25.05.2019


“Current developments in bariatric surgery
Sleeve gastrectomy – different techniques and approaches.
Challanges for post bariatric plastic surgery”

International Conference with LIVE Surgery Workshop – 01.01.2019

I Annual Conference
Current trends and developments
in aesthetic plastic surgery

International Conference with 3D LIVE Surgery Workshop - 16.06.2018

III Annual Conference
Current trends in bariatric surgery
How safy is bariatric surgery today?

International Conference with 3D LIVE bariatric surgery - 28.10.2017


“II Annual Conference
Achievements in bariatric surgery.
Metabolic and Bariatric surgery
for successful therapy of diabetes type nad metabolic syndromes”

3D Live Laparoscopy in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery - 28.10.2017 EN_1

Implantology Conference – 13.10.2018


Practical Implantology – surgery, prosthetics, law – valuable tips for every dentist

Implantology Conference – 21.11.2017


Practical Implantology – surgery, prosthetics, law – valuable tips for every dentist


Laparascopy Workshop in bariatric surgery - 26.11.2016


“Achievements of modern laparoscopy
in the surgical treatment of obesity.”

IMTJ Conference - The first conference of its kind in Poland - 31.03.2017


KCM Hospital, as a Polish leader in medical tourism, was asked to host the Third Annual IMTJ Medical Tourism Industry Conference.

3D Lile Laparoscopy Workshop in Gynecology. Achievements of modern laparoscopy in the surgical treatment of endometriosis infertility and tumor lesions - part 2- 03.12.2016


“Achievements of modern laparoscopy
in the surgical treatment of obesity.”

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