N.I.L. liposuction – Arms

N.I.L. liposuction – nutational modeling of adipose tissue using infrasound, uses innovative Belgian technology. A special head inserted into the tissues with compressed air puts the cannula in a so-called nutational movement. It involves making vibrations in three planes. Their frequency is low and does not exceed 20 Hz. The process allows you to remove (aspirate) excess fat, which can be used in other fat transplant surgery.

N.I.L. is the most modern tool for performing liposuction, which is used for these treatments at KCM Clinic. Makes the treatment more accurate, so that the effect of the treatment is even more satisfying for patients.

The surgeon makes a few 3-4 mm incisions in the skin around the arms. Before starting the procedure, a special fluid is given to improve and speed up the process. A cannula and head are inserted through the incisions in the adipose tissue. The moving cannula generates the production of infrasound, which causes the separation of adipose tissue from non-fatty tissue. At the same time, vessels, nerves and other surrounding elements are bypassed. In this way, local removal of excess fat as well as smoothing the skin is achieved. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The average duration of the procedure with anesthesia is 2 hours. The patient stays in the clinic from 8 to 24 hours after surgery.

Please inform your doctor about all medications you are taking and complaints during your medical consultation. All required tests should be performed as prescribed by the physician prior to surgery. It is very important to stop smoking and drinking alcohol before surgery because these substances have a significant negative effect on wound healing. We recommend giving up alcohol and cigarettes for as long as possible before and after the surgery to avoid post-operative scars in the areas of incisions made during the procedure.

You should be on empty stomach 6 hours before the procedure.

The patient should stay in the clinic up to 24 hours after surgery. During the first weeks after surgery, you should avoid exercising or lifting heavy objects. It is also worth giving up drinking and smoking nicotine-containing products as long as possible. This is important because of the proper healing of wounds after surgery and reducing the likelihood of scars. We also recommend that you avoid consuming caffeine-containing products such as coffee and energy drinks. If possible, constipation should also be avoided, so a light diet is advisable.

People struggling with comorbidities or other health problems must inform their physician during the first qualification consultation. Before the procedure, perform all tests as prescribed by the doctor and follow all recommendations before and after the procedure. One of many contraindications may be cancer, blood coagulation disorder, cardiological diseases, diabetes and varicose veins.

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