Allurion Gastric Balloon - Weight loss without surgery


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    What is Allurion Balloon?

    Allurion Balloon apart from other gastric balloons is the fact that it is enclosed in a soluble, small capsule. Its placement requires neither hospitalization nor anesthesia. The balloon is removed through natural defecation, typically between the 14th and 16th weeks after swallowing the capsule. The method is safe and limited to a simple, fifteen-minute procedure, during which the patient swallows the capsule under the doctor’s supervision.

    The Allurion Gastric Balloon not only aids in weight loss (after 16 weeks of use, patients typically lose 10 to 15% of their total body weight) but also helps combat various obesity-related diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, joint inflammation, gallbladder diseases, and others).

    The Allurion Gastric Balloon Program has transformed the lives of over 160,000 patients worldwide. In response to your needs, we present the latest offering of a non-invasive obesity treatment method based on the Allurion Balloon, now available at KCM Clinic in Jelenia Góra.

    Benefits of Allurion Balloon

    When it comes to achieving weight loss goals safely and effectively, the Allurion Balloon stands out as a reliable and patient-friendly choice. Reasons that make the Allurion Balloon the superior solution for non surgical weight loss:

    1. Simplicity and Convenience: Unlike other popular gastric balloons like Orbera, Allurion doesn’t require endoscopy, general anesthesia, or hospitalization. The entire process starts with swallowing a capsule containing the balloon.
    2. Faster Recovery: With Allurion Gastric Balloon, the average time to return to work after balloon placement is under 4 days, significantly shorter than with other options.
    3. Natural Removal: The balloon naturally exits the body after 14 to 16 weeks, eliminating the need for additional medical procedures.
    4. Safety first: Allurion boasts a lower rate of intolerance (2.3%) and serious adverse events, making it a safer choice.
    5. Flexible Material: The balloon is crafted from vegan polyurethane, providing a comfortable fit as it adapts to stomach movements.
    6. Improved Metabolic Parameters: Experience positive shifts in LDL, triglycerides, and HbA1c.
    7. 2.5 Times Greater Weight Loss: Shed 10–15% of your total body weight within 16 weeks (an average of 13 to 15 kg).
    8. Trusted Globally: Endorsed by over 160,000 patients across 70 countries.

    Beyond its primary function of aiding weight loss, the Allurion Balloon acts as a shield against various obesity-related ailments.

    Patients, after 16 weeks of use, typically experience a substantial loss of 10 to 15% of their total body weight. But the impact extends beyond just shedding pounds; it plays a pivotal role in combating diseases like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, joint inflammation, gallbladder diseases, and more.

    Allurion Balloon Procedure

    The placement procedure for the Allurion balloon in the stomach is a straightforward process, completed efficiently in a matter of minutes in an outpatient setting for your convenience.

    1. Swallowing the Capsule: The process initiates with the patient swallowing a capsule accompanied by a glass of water.
    2. X-Ray Verification: Following ingestion, a doctor conducts an X-ray to confirm the proper positioning of the capsule within the stomach.
    3. Catheter and Saline Solution: The Allurion balloon is equipped with a slender catheter, through which the doctor introduces a saline solution.
    4. Balloon Inflation: Once the saline solution is introduced, the balloon undergoes inflation, occupying a volume of around 550 cm³ within the stomach.
    5. Swift Catheter Removal: Swiftly and efficiently, the doctor removes the catheter, leaving the fully inflated balloon in place.
    6. Positional Confirmation X-Ray: To ensure correct positioning, another X-ray is performed, providing a comprehensive verification of the balloon’s location.
    7. Efficient Completion: The entire balloon placement procedure is efficiently completed within minutes, offering a quick and streamlined experience.
    8. Outpatient Setting: Notably, the procedure is conducted in an outpatient setting, emphasizing your convenience throughout the process.

    Allurion Balloon Removal

    Around 16 weeks post-placement, the balloon naturally exits the body through regular bowel movements. In rare cases requiring medical intervention, endoscopy may be employed.

    Allurion by KCM Programs and Their Prices

    The price of the Allurion by KCM Program is a direct reflection of the advanced technology used in the production of the balloon and the safety of the offered procedure. The Allurion by KCM Program’s expert team consists of doctors and dietitians specializing in non-invasive treatment of overweight and obesity, ensuring patients the highest standard of care. The price includes an initial consultation, implementation procedure, dietary consultations, assistance in case of any concerning symptoms after the balloon placement, and access to smart devices and applications supporting patients from the first day of participation in the program.

    Patients can choose from three programs:

    • Standard 6-month Program
    • 12-month Program:
    • 24-month Program

    Each of the above programs is designed to provide the highest quality care and support tailored to the individual needs of our patients. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the programs and find the option that best suits your needs.

    Before deciding on the Allurion capsule balloon treatment, it is worth remembering that it is not just about its cost but also about the long-term health benefits. The initial expense may seem significant, but potential savings on future expenses related to the treatment of obesity and its complications should be taken into account.

    Program for 6-months € 3.500 / £ 2.990 Read More
    Program for 12-months € 4.200 / £ 3.590 Read More
    Program for 24-months € 6.600 / £ 5.640 Read More

    Eligibility Criteria for Allurion Balloon

    Age ≥ 18 years

    BMI ≥ 27 kg/m2

    The Allurion Balloon is designed for individuals aged 18 to 70 with a BMI exceeding 27. It provides a customized solution for those who have experimented with various diets without visible results and are now seeking contemporary, alternative methods for coping with extra pounds.

    This gastric balloon is recommended for individuals who wish to lose weight but want to avoid hospitalization and accompanying procedures. The Allurion Gastric Balloon is a practical, quick, and discrete method of weight loss, facilitating the development of improved eating habits. It is an excellent answer for people looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle and get a slimmer figure in a short period of time.

    Precautions to undertake on using the Allurion Balloon

    The Allurion Balloon is a safe and non-invasive method, but there are specific contraindications that may impact its suitability for certain individuals.

    Key contraindications include:

    1. Pregnancy
    2. Previous surgeries in the upper gastrointestinal tract
    3. Lung or heart diseases
    4. Chronic liver or kidney diseases
    5. Swallowing difficulties
    6. Allergy to polyurethane
    7. Age below 18 or above 70
    8. Previous bariatric surgeries
    9. Chronic use of anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, or anticoagulants
    10. Substance abuse or alcohol addiction

    During the qualification visit, the doctor will conduct a thorough assessment, including a detailed interview and necessary tests. If you have any questions or concerns regarding contraindications related to the Allurion Balloon, the doctor will provide guidance and address your inquiries at KCM Clinics. Additionally, qualification visits can also be conducted via online consultations for your convenience.

    Scientific Validation on use of Allurion Balloon

    The two largest studies to date, conducted on a group of 2152 and 2013 patients, confirmed the high effectiveness of the Allurion balloon in reducing the loss of unnecessary kilograms. Total average weight loss was 12% and 12.75%, respectively. The first study was conducted in a group of patients with a BMI between 32.1 and 38.6 kg/m2, and the second in a group with a BMI range of 30.6-36.2 kg/m2. Both studies observed minimal side effects in patients with early balloon defecation (1.8% of cases) or intolerance requiring early removal (2.3%).

    In another study of 1,770 patients from 19 international obesity treatment centers in Europe and the Middle East, the results were consistent with the previously given literature. The method’s efficiency was constant among groups of people who were overweight (BMI 30 kg/m2), in I-II class obesity (BMI 30-40 kg/m2), III class obesity (BMI > 40 kg/m2), with success rates of 13.3%, 14.4%, and 14.7% of total body weight loss, respectively.

    After a four-month period, the average weight decrease was 13.5 kg. These results were similar for both men and women. The study confirmed weight loss in the range of 80–90% within the first 3–4 months of treatment. The use of digital technologies and weight monitoring helped people maintain healthier eating habits and lifestyles after the therapy ended. Patients who utilized the mobile application maintained 72% of their weight loss after a year when the gastric balloon was removed.

    Only 3.6% of the 1,770 patients did not finish the treatment due to intolerance or other side effects. All observed metabolic parameters (LDL, triglycerides, and HbA1c) improved as a result of the treatment. 99.9% of patients were able to successfully swallow the capsule, with the remaining 35.9% requiring medical assistance. The vomiting of less than 1% of the empty balloons was not related to any negative health effects. In 2.9% of patients, intolerance developed, leading to endoscopic balloon removal.

    These findings highlight the Allurion Gastric Balloon’s remarkable safety and efficacy in achieving significant weight loss and improving metabolic health, supporting its significance as a promising treatment for losing weight.


    Allurion Balloon Treatment at KCM Clinic

    KCM Clinic stands out as a premier destination for Allurion Balloon treatment for several reasons:

    Expertise: With a team of experienced medical professionals, KCM Clinic ensures the highest standards of care.

    Global Recognition: Having transformed the lives of over 110,000 patients worldwide so far, KCM Clinic has earned global recognition for its excellence in healthcare.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities: Equipped with modern facilities and advanced technology, KCM Hospital provides a comfortable and safe environment for patients.

    Comprehensive Care: KCM Clinic offers a holistic approach to weight loss, providing not only the Allurion Balloon procedure but also comprehensive aftercare and support.


    Are There Any Activities Patients Should Avoid in Their Daily Lives?

    Patients are encouraged to avoid physical activities in their daily lives that pose a risk of abdominal injury, such as combat sports, parachute jumps or deep diving. However, all other forms of physical activity are highly recommended for individuals dealing with overweight or obesity. During the initial stages of treatment, it’s important to gradually introduce physical activity into your routine, considering activities like leisurely walks or swimming sessions. Physical activity not only facilitates faster weight reduction but also offers numerous additional benefits, including muscle strengthening, improved well-being, enhanced skin health, and better brain function. It’s essential for patients to select a physical activity they enjoy that supports the weight loss process. Regular training is essential for success.

    When Can the Patient Return to the Gym After Swallowing the Allurion Capsule?

    The average time to get back to work after a balloon implemetation is under 4 days. The time after which you can return to the gym may vary depending on your health condition, the course of the procedure, and the doctor’s recommendations. There is a recovery period after the implementation of a balloon in the stomach, in which the body adapts to the presence of the balloon, so it is important to follow the recommendations of the doctor during this period. You should not start physical activity for at least a week after placing the balloon in the stomach and only when any undesirable symptoms are gone. During treatment, you should avoid sports that involve a risk of abdominal injury.

    What Is the Duration of Allurion Gastric Balloon Treatment?

    The Allurion Gastric Balloon is placed in the stomach for a duration of 14–16 weeks. The balloon is completely released from the body at the end of this period. During this treatment phase, patients typically experience a significant weight loss of 10–15% of their initial body weight. Remarkably, many individuals continue to see positive weight reduction outcomes even after completing the treatment.

    Is This a One-Time Procedure, or Can the Balloon Be Used Multiple Times?

    Certainly, the balloon can be placed multiple times. The non-invasive nature of this method allows for its repeated use as a treatment option for addressing overweight and obesity. However, it’s worth noting that for individuals with substantial excess weight, the KCM Clinic provides a range of other effective treatment options.

    Is There a Risk of Weight Regain After Allurion Balloon Treatment?

    Certainly, the balloon can be placed multiple times. The non-invasive nature of this method allows for its repeated use as a treatment option for addressing overweight and obesity. However, it’s worth noting that for individuals with substantial excess weight, the KCM Clinic provides a range of other effective treatment options.

    Is the allurion balloon safe?

    The non-invasiveness of the Allurion balloon procedure is a key factor that contributes to its safety profile for certain individuals. The method of placing the balloon through the oral route, using a capsule for ingestion, eliminates the need for surgical incisions, reducing the associated risks and recovery time typically associated with invasive surgical procedures. The steps involving balloon inflation and confirmation of placement without invasive surgical procedures further enhance the safety aspect. It’s important to note that safety considerations can vary from person to person, and the appropriateness of the Allurion balloon for an individual depends on factors such as overall health, medical history, and specific health conditions.


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