Eyebrow lifting

The eyebrow lifting procedure involves raising the eyebrows, thanks to which we correct the signs of aging. With this treatment, you can also eliminate the appearance of a “tired face”. Eyebrow lifting is a procedure that primarily aims to improve facial aesthetics. It is often used by patients with low eyebrows or people with numerous forehead wrinkles. Patients after face lifting look younger and more rested.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Eyebrows are modeled and raised up. After the procedure, patients stay in the clinic for 1 day. The effect of the procedure can be observed after 6 weeks.

Please inform your doctor about all medications you are taking and complaints during your medical consultation. All required tests should be performed as prescribed by the physician prior to surgery. It is very important to stop smoking and drinking alcohol before surgery because these substances have a significant negative effect on wound healing. We recommend giving up alcohol and cigarettes for as long as possible before and after the procedure to avoid postoperative scars.

During the first weeks after the surgery, avoid physical exertion or heavy lifting, as well as sauna visits, bathing and sunbathing. It is also worth giving up drinking and smoking nicotine-containing products as long as possible. This is important because of the proper healing of wounds after surgery and reducing the likelihood of scars.

People struggling with comorbidities or other health problems must inform their physician during the first qualification consultation. Before the procedure, perform all tests as prescribed by the doctor and follow all recommendations before and after the procedure

What can you do to minimize swelling or bruising?

Depending on the procedure, it may be a good idea to sleep in a tilted position (not horizontal) for one week after the procedure to minimize the accumulation of fluid on your face and eyelids. Follow the instructions you will receive on preparing and serving cold and warm compresses. They will not only reduce bruising and swelling, but also maximize and promote healing. Avoid elevated blood pressure, limit caffeine intake, excessive physical exertion, and avoid stress.

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