Behavioural obesity treatment

Behavioural treatment is based on nutritional therapy, increased physical activity and psychological support. Sometimes pharmacotherapy is indicated. The aim of the therapy is to reduce the initial body weight.

Behavioural treatment should be based on an individually prepared programme adjusted to the lifestyle, habits, possible allergies and preferences of each patient. The care of a bariatric surgeon, dietician, psychologist and physiotherapist should be included throughout the treatment period.

An effective slimming diet should include a certain calorie deficit, but it cannot consist in starving oneself. Too low an energy supply may lead to the body storing what we provide it with, turning it into the fat tissue in order to protect itself from the next starvation.

All kinds of detoxes, starvation, fasting and mono-diet are exhausting for the body. They usually end with a yo-yo effect, frustration, fatigue, discouragement and a return to unhealthy eating habits. 

A wise weight loss diet involves a caloric deficit of no more than 1000 kcal and an increase in physical activity, which allows you to lose about 1 kg per week. The best diets for weight loss usually contain 1200-1500 kcal.

Increasing physical activity is indispensable during behavioural treatment of obesity. It must be correctly matched to our health condition. A physiotherapist will help to match exercises to individual preferences and abilities and will explain how to perform them correctly and safely.


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