Who we are?

KCM Clinic S.A. is a private hospital that receives patients from around the world, specialising in obesity surgery, plastic surgery and spine surgery. It is also a specialist clinic, dentistry and rehabilitation center. Innovative operations and treatments using the latest treatment methods, as well as medical consultations, are carried out at the highest global level, guaranteeing high quality and safety of medical care. We work with the best surgeons, specialists and medical staff, respected and recognised among patients as well as among international medical environments. We not only offer some of the best medical services, but also educate and spread knowledge about health and medicine, among others, by organising international conferences.

Our mission

  • Establishing a new perception of patient-centered healthcare based on providing specialised quality treatment.
  • Providing access to the latest medical achievements for patients and doctors.
  • Care for the highest quality of modern medicine.
  • Working with real passion and mutual respect as a key to the best results of our specialists.

Our vision

To be a leader among hospitals on the international market for patients, doctors and staff in providing access to the latest medical achievements and the highest quality services.

Our values

Care. All activities that we undertake are aimed at providing patients with the highest class medical care based on their needs and expectations.

Quality. Our main goal is to provide patients with the highest safety standards as well as the best quality treatment and treatments.

Innovation. By implementing the latest achievements of modern medicine and innovative technologies, in close connection with the latest medical technologies and scientific development, we provide the highest standards of treatment.

Teamwork. The joint effort of our specialized interdisciplinary medical team ensures patient safety and the effectiveness of the therapy offered.

Education. Constant development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of health and medicine. We are an educational and reference center, organizer of international scientific workshops and conferences dedicated to the latest in laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgery.