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Full-spectrum radiological examinations are performed in our X-ray Laboratory.

A radiological examination commonly referred to as an X-ray, is a non-invasive imaging examination that allows the detection of any abnormalities in the structure of the organ being X-rayed and is particularly useful in the diagnosis of diseases of the lungs, heart, and osteoarticular system.

During the X-ray examination, a particular part of the patient’s body is X-rayed, taking advantage of the differences in absorption, i.e. the absorption of the X-rays by various body tissues. Thanks to these differences, an image is obtained on a special film in which the bones are the brightest elements, while soft tissue is faintly visible.

In the Dental Radiodiagnosis Laboratory, we also perform pantomography, cephalometry, dental point-of-care X-rays, sinus X-rays, and 3D dental cone tomography with Owanda wide-field imaging – essential for modern implant treatment planning, maxillofacial surgery, and sinus surgery.


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