It might be attractive to choose the cheapest option outside the EU, which is usually Turkey, but is it worth taking a chance?

Medical tourism has increased considerably in Poland in recent years. It is because of high standards of care, the use of modern technology, affordable treatment prices compared to Western European countries, a high quality of education that ensures a large supply of qualified medical staff, a variety of places for tourists to stay, and Poland’s beautiful location.

Point by point, let’s compare the medical tourism situation in Poland (EU) and countries not in the EU. Take KCM Clinic, a private multidisciplinary clinic treating patients from all over the world, as an example of one of the top Polish clinics that provide medical tourist services, and contrast it with the medical tourism situation in Turkey.

1. Medical standards

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

Numerous EU programs that provide the necessary funding, the most cutting-edge knowledge, and technology support medical tourism in Poland. This also implies strict EU regulations related to medical instruments and the associated standards. Since 2009, the Polish Association of Medical Tourism (PAMT) has been in charge of the growth of the country’s medical tourism services sector. The organization’s main objectives are safety of care, promotion, and education. For instance, certifying medical facilities, offering training in the organization and care of medical tourists, and establishing alliances with both domestic and foreign businesses are ways to achieve these goals.

KCM Clinic is a private multidisciplinary hospital treating patients from all over the world and carrying out innovative operations and treatments using the latest treatment methods at the highest global level, guaranteeing high quality and safety of medical care. KCM Clinic is a member of the Medical Tourism (Travel) Association (MTA), ensuring high clinical standards as well as PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our bariatric surgeons are members of the Society of Polish Surgeons and IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders).

Turkey (not EU)

To reduce weight loss surgery costs, low-quality equipment may be chosen. The general cost of a one-time disposable operation equipment set, for example, is £1500–1700. One may wonder if it’s safe to undergo surgery in Turkey, with clinics offering procedures for only £2000–2500. There are many other expenses besides the equipment, so there is a risk of using low-quality and inexpensive equipment sets as well as reusing their non-reusable equipment. While disposable devices can be sanitized, they cannot be sterilized sufficiently to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. These bacteria can also evolve and become resistant to many treatments, causing sepsis and even death.

2. Mortality rates among patients

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

Numerous patients acknowledged that the excellent safety record, stringent policies and procedures, and superior maintenance were crucial factors in their decision to select KCM Clinic, Poland.

Turkey (not EU)

There are numerous terrifying tales on the internet, in the press, and on television about people who die after bariatric surgery in Turkey, either immediately or after returning home. Unfortunately, these are not rumors.

3. Care after surgery and complications

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

After surgery, the average length of stay in the clinic is three to four days, with a minimum of two nights. This enables staff to monitor the patient 24 hours per day and respond immediately to any health problems.

Turkey (not EU)

Frequently, low-priced and low-quality equipment is associated with a much higher rate of post-operative complications. What is more, early discharges to hotels for aftercare may result in personnel not recognizing a problem until it is too late.

4. Standards for clinical practice

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

As an example, let us define the standard of clinical practice for weight loss surgery (WLS). Because patient safety is the top priority at KCM Clinic, doctors always spend additional time in the operating room performing double stitching during WLS. This is not a common practice among surgeons around the world.

Turkey (not EU)

The main reason to be more careful with countries that aren’t in the EU is that they don’t have to follow the everyday rules and standards of Europe. Standards outside the EU are far lower and more difficult to understand due to linguistic and cultural differences.

5. Checkups before surgery

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

By EU norms, the checkups before surgery are very rigorous. One of our international patient coordinators will be your point of contact and guide from the very beginning to the months of aftercare. They help you fill out the medical forms and walk you through the whole process at KCM Clinic, starting with preoperative diagnosis, consultation with a cardiologist, surgeon, postoperative care, and subsequent consultations with doctors.

Our clinic diagnostic center guarantees quick access to specialist doctors and a comprehensive diagnostic spectrum, including the newest MRI and CT, for fast and precise diagnostics.

Turkey (not EU)

The number and variety of preoperative examinations vary between Turkish clinics, and the general information on the main pages is not clear (or can be missing). Preoperative tests are quite basic and common in clinics and hospitals outside the EU.


KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

As an example, our top bariatric surgeons, Prof. Piotr Major, Dr. hab. Grzegorz Kowalski, and Dr. Artur Raiter, have extensive experience in a wide range of bariatric procedures, including:

Our bariatric surgeons have been associated with KCM Clinic for several years and have earned the respect of the medical community as well as the trust of hundreds of bariatric patients.

Learn more about our complete bariatric team by reading through this section.

Turkey (not EU)

As an example, in Turkey, any surgeon who has completed five years of general surgery studies is authorized to perform bariatric surgery. Although this does not imply that there are no excellent surgeons outside the EU, extreme caution is advised.

7. Risk of surgical intervention 

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

KCM Clinic specializes in advanced minimally invasive surgery, in particular obesity and metabolic surgery, aesthetic plastic surgery, orthopedics, urology, dentistry, and spine surgery. We work with the best surgeons, specialists, and medical staff, respected and recognized among patients as well as in international medical environments. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems after surgery, but when it comes to failed operations in general, the only reviews of KCM Clinic are very positive and full of compliments.

Turkey (not EU)

Particularly when it comes to surgical procedures, Turkey has little reputation for the safety of its health care system. According to reports, up to 30% of all surgical procedures in Turkey are unsuccessful. Unfortunately, there has been a substantial increase in the number of patients with complications upon their return from Turkey to their home country.

8. Trip to clinic, expense, and transfer

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

Wroclaw, where the nearest airport to KCM Clinic is located, offers air connections to many European cities. For example, a direct flight between London and Wroclaw takes two hours. On our social media, we frequently update information about cheap flights to Wrocław. If necessary, our drivers will meet you at any airport in Europe and transport you to your destination. They are also available to transport patients locally, whether it be to a rehabilitation facility or a nearby hotel.

Turkey (not EU)

Depending on the location of departure and arrival, flights from the UK to Turkey take approximately four hours. Think about a four-hour flight after the surgery. This can be very exhausting, so the time spent traveling should be as short as possible. A trip that takes two hours sounds much better than one that takes four.

9. Cultural differences 

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

Similar climates, cultures, and cuisines, as well as the high standards imposed by EU regulations on medical services, make Poland an attractive medical tourism destination. These arguments are sufficient to ensure that nothing will take your attention during your stay in the clinic so that you can concentrate on the most essential aspects of the surgery and your return home.

Turkey (not EU)

Turkey is a great destination to experience a new culture, language, and fascinating historical sites. These substantial benefits, however, may quickly evaporate in the face of preexisting anxiety and the necessity of focusing on one’s health, the surgery, and subsequent recovery. There may be miscommunication due to not speaking Turkish.

10. Personal treatment 

KCM Clinic, Poland (EU)

Our clinic in Poland is of medium size, so every patient can receive personalized care. One of our international patient coordinators will walk you through the whole process at KCM Clinic. You will find the reviews of our patients about their stay at KCM Clinic HERE.

Turkey (not EU)

In Turkey, many clinics are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients who have been there before say that they had surgery late at night while other patients were still waiting. The personnel who work in health care don’t have enough time to rest or to focus on one patient.


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