As part of the Pediatric Surgery Clinic, we qualify for procedures performed as part of the 1st Day Surgery Clinic, in which operated children leave the hospital a few hours after the surgery.

Pigmented moles in children are skin lesions. Depending on the age of their appearance on the skin, pigmented moles are divided into congenital and acquired. Birthmarks should be removed for aesthetic reasons as well as for the high risk of being processed into a malicious process.

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Pigmented nevus in children can be removed both under local and general anesthesia. It depends on the extent of the lesion and the age of the child.

A specialist in pediatric surgery qualifies for the procedure of removal of skin nevi during consultation at the clinic. During the qualification, it informs about the preparation for the procedure.

You may experience itching or stinging where the mole has been cut. This is natural and is related to the wound healing process. On the 10-14th day after the procedure, you should report for a check-up, when the sutures are removed and the healing is checked.

If swelling, redness, discharge from the wound, or a fever appear at the time of check-up, consult your doctor immediately.


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