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Injuries and diseases of the ankle joint and foot

What do we treat ?

The most common conditions and traumatic conditions of the ankle joint and foot treated at the KCM Clinic, Department of Orthopedics, Sports medicine and Department of Rehabilitation include:

  • Ligament damage: ankle sprains
  • Joints: ankle arthritis or cartilage injuries
  • Tendons: rupture of the Achilles tendon or chronic pain in the Achilles tendon
  • Hallux valgus: deformity of the big toe
  • Sports injuries: sprains, strains or strains
  • Foot and ankle revision surgeries: when other surgeries have failed to help with persistent pain and deformity.

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The most common injuries to the foot and ankle joint include:

Rupture or tear of the Achilles tendon

The Achilles tendon is the tendon that connects the heel bone to the calf muscles, which is always used when running or jumping. Occasionally, the tendon is ruptured or torn at the typical moment when you push off your feet, break into a run or perform a stop-and-start movement.

Symptoms of an Achilles tendon rupture include:

  • sudden swelling and bruising around the foot or ankle
  • sharp wedging pain in the back of the ankle
  • difficulty walking and climbing stairs
  • inability to stand on tiptoe and jump up

Sports fracture

Many sports that involve a lot of running and jumping, such as basketball, football, handball, as well as normal sporting activities, can cause injuries to the leg, foot and ankle/ankle joint.  Bones, mainly the shin bone and a bone in the foot called the metatarsus, can fracture as a result.

Symptoms include:

  • pain that is worse with activity and less severe with rest
  • pain and swelling when standing
  • tenderness/pain in the bones.

How can we help?

If you have pain symptoms or any of the above problems with your foot or ancle, visit one of our orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists specializing in foot and ankle treatment.  In addition to a thorough history and clinical examination of the patient, imaging diagnostics – such as X-rays, MRIs or CT scans, as well as laboratory and ultrasound examinations – carried out on site at the KCM Clinic in the OMEGA diagnostic imaging laboratory are standard.

Your treatment is tailored to your condition.

If necessary, diagnostic arthroscopy of the ankle joint or repair surgery may be ordered Our team of foot and ankle specialists offers comprehensive assistance – specialized diagnostics and conservative as well as surgical treatment. A team of qualified physiotherapists not only help with rehabilitation, but also provide additional diagnostics with gait analysis and a physiotherapy plan for those who want to improve their running form or posture.

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