The Ophthalmology Outpatient Clinic offers the complex diagnosis and treatment of eye and sight diseases.

Within the Ophthalmology Outpatient Clinic we perform:

  • Consultations and minor ophthalmic procedures
  • Comprehensive ophthalmological examination
  • Computerised examination of the visual field (perimetry)
  • Qualifying examination for cataract surgery (keratometry, biometry, intraocular lens selection)
  • Consultation with a specialist diagnosis of glaucoma (perimetry, gonioscopy, tonometry)
  • Lacrimal duct probing
  • Complete consultation for cataract surgery
  • Subconjunctival injections.

Our specialists in visual imaging diagnostics include:

Dr. Anna Mec-Słomska, MD Opthalmology Specialist
Dr. Karol Nowacki, MD Opthalmology Specialist
Dr. Jakub Ciecierski, MD Opthalmology Specialist
Dr. Maciej Szuszkiewicz, MD Opthalmology SpecialistSpecialised imaging examinations are carried out in the Eye Imaging Laboratory:

  • Fluoroscein angiography of the retina (Funduskamera with electronic data and image archiving jap. by KOWA)
  • Angio-OCT with RNFL
  • Microperimetry (OCT) – diagnosis of early glaucoma and early retinal changes
  • High-resolution ocular ultrasound A and B by Ellex.

The ocular laser therapy laboratory performs laser treatments using the best class SLT and YAG lasers and the Solitaire green-diode laser from the Japanese company Ellex: Glaucoma laser therapy (LASER SLT Tango Ellex), Laser therapy of secondary cataracts and irises: capsulotomy, iridotomy (LASER YAG Tango Ellex), Laser therapy of retinal vascular lesions in diabetes mellitus (LASER green diode Solitaire) and Iridoplasty (laser therapy of the iris).