Vaginal gynecological operations

Vaginal procedures are among the minimally invasive gynecological surgeries. The abdominal wall is not damaged during the procedure, and there are no visible scars after the procedure. Another advantage is the reduction of pain and shortening the time of hospitalization and convalescence.

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Vaginal gynecological operations are performed transvaginally, without the need to make incisions on the abdomen. Treatments performed with this method minimize the possibility of scarring on the skin, but most of all, they are characterized by minimal pain in the postoperative course and allow you to quickly return to everyday activities.

Always remember to inform your doctor about any medications you are taking and any comorbidities during your consultation. Patients are qualified for vaginal procedures during consultations at the Gynecological Clinic. The recommended preparation for the procedure or the tests required may vary depending on the procedure. For this reason, before the procedure, a comprehensive diagnosis should be performed in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations and properly prepared for the operation.

After the procedure, it is necessary to check with the surgery operator. We maintain vaginal hygiene according to the doctor’s recommendations. For 6 weeks after the operation, do not lift heavy objects or perform exercises that require tightening the abdominal wall. Sexual intercourse can be started 6 weeks after surgery.

If you experience difficulty urinating, vomiting, fever above 38 ° C lasting more than a few hours, vaginal bleeding more heavily than monthly bleeding, contact your doctor.


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