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Being healthy at the beginning of the pregnancy is the key to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. Maintaining a healthy weight is a significant factor in pregnancy health. However, for many people who are battling obesity, achieving a healthy body weight may become challenging.

In some cases, diet, lifestyle and medication are also unable to reduce body weight. For such patients, weight-loss surgeries such as gastric bypass may be recommended before conceiving.

If you have been recommended gastric bypass operation and are trying to evaluate the risks and benefits of the same, then keep reading.

Obesity and Fertility

Before we see how gastric surgery affects fertility and pregnancy, we must understand how obesity affects fertility.

Women with obesity tend to experience hormonal imbalances, which can increase the risk of infertility and other infertility-causing disorders like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Obesity can also adversely affect male fertility by lowering the levels of testosterone.

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Pregnancy: Benefits

According to research, gastric bypass surgery can help maintain hormonal balance, improve fertility and prevent obesity-related risks during pregnancy, such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, premature birth, stillbirth, need for caesarean section (C-section) delivery, etc.

It is, therefore, one of the best options for obese women who wish to get pregnant and start a family.

At KCM Clinic, a multidisciplinary team of bariatric surgeons, nutritionists, and Ob/Gyns are available to oversee cases of gastric bypass surgery and make sure that you overcome obesity and achieve a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Pregnancy: Risks

Although gastric surgery offers numerous benefits for pregnancy, it also has certain risks.

Many people, after having a gastric bypass surgery, experience nutrient deficiency, such as protein, iron, folate, calcium, and vitamins B12 and vitamin D deficiency. These nutrients are crucial for a healthy pregnancy, and their deficiency in the body can lead to several complications to the mother as well as the child.

Therefore, at KCM Clinic, our team of experts makes sure that your nutrition levels are optimised after the surgery and before the pregnancy.

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The Duration of the Entire Process

In most cases, the complete process takes about two to three years, which includes three to six months of pre-surgery preparation and 12 to 18 months of post-surgical weight loss.

At KCM Clinic, we generally recommend waiting for at least 18 months after gastric operation before trying to conceive to optimise your nutrition levels.

During this period, our team will also walk you through the best birth control options for you, as oral contraceptives may not remain as effective after gastric operation.

A Final Word

Gastric bypass operation offers an option for a healthy pregnancy for people with obesity.

As far as the nutrient deficiency is considered, the doctors at KCM Clinic make sure that your nutrient levels are optimised before and during your pregnancy through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes.

To monitor your nutrition levels as well as foetal growth and weight gain during pregnancy, KCM Clinic also makes sure to schedule appointments with your healthcare team at regular intervals.

At KCM Clinic, we will help you achieve your goal of not just becoming pregnant but having a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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