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Obesity is a serious health concern that can lead to a range of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Losing weight can help reduce the risk of these conditions and improve overall health. However, for some people, losing weight can be challenging, and traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise may not be enough.

A gastric balloon surgery is a promising option for those looking to lose weight without undergoing surgery.

What Is a Gastric Balloon Treatment?

A gastric balloon treatment is a non-surgical weight loss method that helps people lose weight without the risks associated with invasive surgery. 

A gastric balloon, also known as an intragastric balloon (IGB), is a silicon balloon that is placed into your stomach and filled with saline solution, causing the stomach to feel full. This consequently reduces food intake and promotes weight loss. 

The balloon remains in the stomach for around six months, after which it is removed through the mouth using an endoscope.

KCM Clinic, with a team of specialised and experienced bariatric surgeons, offers one of the best gastric balloon treatments in the UK. The team offers guidance and education about gastric balloons to all obese patients who qualify for them. 

Advantages of Gastric Balloon Treatment

One of the biggest advantages of gastric balloon treatment is that it is a minimally invasive, non-surgical option for weight loss. This means that the procedure is relatively low-risk and does not require a long recovery period.

Another advantage of the gastric balloon is that it is highly effective for weight loss. Patients typically lose about 7% to 15% of body weight during the first six months after intragastric balloon placement. Total weight loss in this procedure usually ranges from 30% to 47%.

Is a Gastric Balloon Effective? 

Several studies have confirmed that gastric balloons are effective in reducing weight and improving metabolic markers.

Gastric balloons have also been shown to improve comorbidities associated with obesity. 

Several studies suggest that gastric balloon treatment in people with obesity can improve the prediabetic condition and prevent or at least delay type 2 diabetes. 

KCM Clinic has also successfully treated several obese patients with gastric balloons and received positive and effective outcomes.

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Risks of Gastric Balloon Treatment

Like any medical procedure, the gastric balloon also carries some risks. Some of the most common risks include nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps during the first few days after the procedure. 

Some very rare complications of the gastric balloon procedure include balloon deflation, perforation of the oesophagus or stomach and spontaneous over-inflation of the balloon.

Despite these risks, gastric balloon treatment is still an extremely safe option for treating obesity, with low incidences of complications, especially when compared with the long-term complications associated with obesity. 

At KCM Clinic, we make sure to make your weight-loss journey a success. The doctors, through the best preoperative and postoperative care, ensure to minimise the risk of complications associated with gastric balloon procedure.

A Final Word

A gastric balloon is one of the best non-surgical methods to treat obesity. However, it is important to note that the gastric balloon is not a magic solution for weight loss. You must be committed to making lifestyle changes, including following a healthy diet and exercise plan, in order to achieve and maintain weight loss. 

Additionally, the gastric balloon is not suitable for everyone. It is generally recommended for people with a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40 who have not been able to lose weight through traditional methods.

At KCM Clinic, gastric balloon procedure is offered to all obese patients who qualify for it. Postoperative dietary planning and regular monitoring are also offered to ensure positive outcomes.

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