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Gastric band removal is often necessary because of inadequate weight loss from the original procedure or because of other complications. The surgery may include lap band conversion to a more advanced bariatric procedure with proven efficacy. Whether you’re undergoing removal or conversion, there are a few steps that you should take to prepare for gastric band removal surgery.

Preparing For Gastric Band Removal Surgery

Preparing for laparoscopic adjustable gastric band removal surgery is no different from the preparation for any surgical procedure. You should inform your surgeon about any preexisting conditions and medications you are taking to avoid serious complications. This is especially important if you are taking any blood thinners.

There are no special dietary recommendations prior to lap gastric band removal surgery, but you should eat light meals the day before the procedure. Most importantly, all food and fluid intake should stop after midnight prior to the surgery. If your surgeon has approved any medications, these may be consumed with a sip of water.

Prior to the surgery and after admission at the hospital, you may be required to wear anti-embolism stockings to lower any risk of blood clot formation in the legs. You will also be advised to empty your bladder, if possible, just before you are moved into the operating theater.

Laparoscopic Gastric Band Removal Surgery Procedure

Regardless of the method of original gastric band surgery, surgery for gastric band removal at KCM Clinic will be performed laparoscopically; there may be a few exceptions. Your bariatric surgeon will make tiny incisions in the same location as the scars from your previous procedure and laparoscopic instruments are introduced through these incisions. These instruments are used to cut the scar tissue around the band, as well as the tubing and band itself, which can then be retrieved via the incisions.

Lap gastric band removal surgery with key-hole procedure is safe and also results in improved recovery time and shorter duration of hospitalization. In rare cases, where larger incisions are necessary, hospitalization duration will increase.

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What To Expect After Gastric Band Removal Surgery

When preparing for gastric band removal surgery, it is best to assume that you will need to be hospitalized for 1 – 2 days. However, many patients at KCM Clinic are also able to leave on the day of the procedure itself.
After lap gastric band removal surgery there is likely to be an increase in hunger and capacity to consume larger meals, as there is no longer any restriction to the stomach. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of obesity and a reversion to pre-surgery weight. Of course, this risk is significantly lower for patients who have cultivated healthy diet and lifestyle habits that can keep the weight off.
Fortunately, there are other options that can actually improve weight loss after the procedure.

Our Advice

Gastric band removal can also include revision or conversion with procedures such as gastric bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy. KCM Clinic has a team of renowned specialists with considerable experience in these procedures, which are associated with greater long-term benefits. To better understand your options and make the best choice, make an appointment by calling +48 75 645 2011

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