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Gastric bypass surgery is a type of weight loss surgery that involves reducing the size of the stomach and rerouting the small intestine to limit the amount of food you can eat and the nutrients and calories you can absorb. 

However, when talking about any surgical treatment, one of the biggest factors to be considered is the cost involved in it. 

In this article, we will explore the cost of gastric bypass surgery in the UK in detail, so you can make an informed choice. 

Gastric Bypass Treatment Cost in the UK

The cost of gastric bypass operation in the UK varies depending on the hospital, surgeon, and type of procedure to be performed. 

On average, gastric bypass treatment cost in the UK ranges from £8,000 to £15,000. This cost typically includes the pre-operative consultation, the surgery, the hospital stay, and follow-up appointments.

Additional Costs of a Gastric Bypass Surgery

Apart from the main cost of the surgery, additional potential costs that may come up in the future should also be considered. Some of the main additional costs involved in gastric surgery are:

  • Cost of Risks & Complications

Gastric bypass surgery comes with its own share of risks and complications, such as infection, bleeding, and bowel obstruction. You may need to undergo additional surgeries or treatments to address these complications, which can further increase the cost of treatment.

  • Uncovered Pre-operative and Post-operative Costs

Some pre-operative testing and post-operative care may not be covered under the total cost of the surgery, such as blood tests, imaging tests, and consultations with healthcare providers. This may increase your overall cost in the future. 

  • Cost of Lifestyle Changes

After gastric surgery, you will be required to make lifestyle changes such as diet modification and exercise routines to achieve and maintain weight loss after surgery. This cost should also be added to the overall cost of the treatment and must be considered beforehand.

At KCM Clinic, the doctors will help you assess all these additional costs before the surgery to help you make an informed decision and secure your health and future.

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Is Any Financial Aid Available?

The cost of gastric bypass surgery in the UK is usually covered by private health insurance. Therefore, if you have health insurance, chances are that the cost of your surgery will be covered by it. However, the eligibility for coverage may vary based on the insurance policy. 

In case, you do not have private health insurance, several other funding options like charitable organisations or government programs are also available. 

Our team at KCM Clinic will be more than happy to walk you through the many options available, ensuring that you have all the help you need. 

A Final Word

The cost of gastric bypass surgery in the UK may vary depending on several factors, including the hospital, surgeon, and the type of procedure performed. However, the cost typically ranges from £8,000 to £15,000 and may be covered by private health insurance. 

Apart from the cost of surgery, additional costs must also be considered and added to the total cost. 

At KCM Clinic, you will be given all the required assistance and support in assessing the total cost as well as in figuring out options for financial assistance. 

Providing you with the best treatment and helping you maintain your health is our motto!

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