“New developments in bariatric surgery. Current surgical techniques in sleeve gastrectomy. Plastic surgery after bariatrics”

IV International Conference on Bariatric Surgery in Jelenia Góra. KCM Clinic team once again hosted famous surgeons from both Poland and the world. The image from laparoscopic camera was displayed in 4K technology and transmitted live via webinar.

Prof. Andrzej Budzyński, MD, PhD, Poland – conference scientific director
Prof. Subhi Abu Abeid, MD, PhD, Israel
Martin Dunkelgrun, MD, PhD, Netherlands
Elisabeth Dierickx, MD, PhD, Netherlands
Assoc. Prof. Piotr Major, MD, PhD, Poland
Grzegorz Kowalski, MD, PhD, Poland
Marta Wilczyńska, MD, PhD, Poland

Participants received a certificate and 9 educational points

Organizing Committee:
Monika Mikulicz-Pasler, KCM Clinic SA, Maciej Gierlotka, Johnson&Johnson, Tomasz Mrzygłód, Olympus Polska