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In recent years the trend of traveling abroad to undergo medical procedures has enjoyed a significant rise in popularity. This newfound interest in what is commonly referred to as medical tourism is the result of a variety of factors, with the increased availability and affordability of travel and medical treatments in other countries being among the most relevant reasons. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all clinics are capable of providing the same level of care and healthcare standards may vary from country to country. Choosing medical tourism destinations is therefore not really a matter of choosing the cheapest option, and it should always be preceded by careful consideration of all the pros and cons. The key step to understanding the phenomenon of health tourism is learning more about its causes and benefits.

Why Do Patients Choose to Go Abroad for Treatment?

Patients who choose to travel to a foreign country to have the medical treatment they need there are usually described as medical tourists. There is so much interest in similar practices that it has led to the creation of a separate branch of tourism aimed specifically at patients. Medical tourism focuses on providing people with treatments and procedures they cannot obtain or cannot afford at home. With its high standards of healthcare, Europe, especially EU countries, is quickly becoming one of the top markets for such services.

Common reasons to seek medical treatment abroad include:

  • the possibility to undergo medical procedures quicker,
  • looking for specialist medical healthcare not available locally,
  • the lower cost of medical treatment.

6 Benefits of Medical Tourism in Europe

✔️ Quick Access to Medical Procedures

Even though public healthcare is available in almost all European countries, its standards, accessibility, and coverage are not equal across the continent. Unless it’s the issue of life-threatening conditions, it is not uncommon for patients to wait in queues for years before receiving the necessary treatment. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that an alternative solution quickly emerged in the form of private clinics offering comprehensive and specialist medical care both to local and international patients. By expanding your options to those available abroad, you can get the care and procedures you need without waiting.

✔️ High Standards

The EU-wide regulations and requirements concerning medical procedures and the training and education of medical specialists ensure that you can count on receiving medical care at an equally high standard whether you travel to Poland or other EU countries. Furthermore, in many cases, it’s also possible to find clinics offering innovative and specialist treatments you wouldn’t be able to access in your country.

✔️ Lower Cost

The biggest difference between different destinations tends to be the cost it takes to travel, stay and get treated in a specific country. This aspect has led the Eastern EU countries to become an attractive medical tourism market by combining cheap flights, competitive prices for healthcare procedures, highly-trained specialists and medical standards on a par with those in Western countries. Often the overall cost of travelling to a country with cheaper healthcare can be significantly lower than paying for a similar procedure locally.

✔️ Excellent Patient Care

To attract international patients, clinics that focus their services on catering to medical tourists pay close attention not only to the quality of medical care, but also to the overall comfort. Medical tourism packages are often tailored to the needs of patients who come for treatment from abroad and, in addition to consultations, hospitalisation and medical procedures, can additionally include, e.g., arranging hotel stays.

✔️ Accessible and Affordable Travel Options

One of the biggest advantages of being a medical tourist in Poland and other EU countries is the ease of travel. You can move freely within the EU borders and enjoy convenient rail and air connections between most major cities. The number of travel options available makes reaching your chosen destination not only easy but also really affordable as you can choose the one that works best for you.

✔️ Attractive Destinations

While the main goal of medical tourism is providing patients with affordable and professional medical care abroad, many patients choose to use the opportunity to travel to another country and enjoy the local culture, food, and attractions as well. Depending on the type of procedure and its requirements, you can use the days leading up to surgery or the recovery period for sightseeing and get the most out of your trip.

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5 Things to Check When Choosing a Medical Clinic Abroad

  • Make sure that the offer you’re choosing is legitimate by looking for more information about the clinic and the type of procedures performed there.
  • Carefully read all the documents to know exactly what your chosen health tourism package includes.
  • Learn more about the qualification of the doctors at the clinic and their experience, as well as previous results.
  • Look for opinions from former patients. Such testimonials are a great source of information about the quality of patient care and treatment effectiveness.
  • Undergoing any medical procedure comes with a risk of complications. That’s why having reliable and complete information is key for both patients and healthcare professionals. Planning a surgery abroad requires effective communication between you and the clinic — avoid clinics that are unwilling to share details of their treatments and methods with you.

KCM Clinic – The Best Destination for Medical Tourists in Poland

Thanks to the high standard of medical care and competitive prices, Poland has become a go-to destination for patients interested in affordable, safe and effective plastic surgery, bariatric treatments, and dental procedures. With years of experience in the field of medical tourism, at KCM Clinic, we focus on using innovative methods and cutting-edge technology to provide the best results and care to everyone who chooses our services.