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Any therapy or procedure that can effectively treat obesity is critical to the wellbeing and health of the patient as excess body weight or obesity has been linked to numerous types of cancer, including colorectal cancer. However, it’s important to understand how great the risk of cancer is and the potential impact of bariatric surgery on risk reduction.

Obesity And The Risk Of Cancer

Obesity has been linked to over 10 different types of cancer, although the mechanisms of action are still not clearly understood in all cases. While this association is easily explained with hormone-driven cancers, wherein obesity interferes with hormone production the relationship is not as easy to explain when dealing with cancers such as colorectal cancer.

This association is thought to be a result of chronic inflammation triggered by obesity. This chronic stress to cells may lead to DNA damage eventually, raising the risk of cancer. The use of bariatric surgery for obesity is already recognized as an effective obesity treatment to lower the risk of hormonally driven cancers, but research also suggests benefits for colorectal cancer prevention.

Bariatric Surgery And Colorectal Cancer

Evidence from a large study in France involving over a million patients with obesity revealed that patients who underwent bariatric surgery had a 32% lower risk of colorectal cancer as compared to patients who did not undergo any gastric surgery. Similar findings were reported from the United States – researchers reported a reduction in the risk of any type of cancer, including colorectal cancer, among patients who underwent bariatric gastric operations.

Reduced inflammation associated with weight reduction is not the only cause for risk reduction. This benefit is also connected with beneficial changes in the gut microbiome, combined with other changes that are made possible with bariatric surgery such as increased physical activity.

Researchers also examined the association between cancer risk reduction and the type of bariatric surgery performed. This benefit was most strongly associated with gastric bypass surgery and sleeve gastrectomy, which are among the surgical weight loss treatments offered at KCM Clinic. It’s also worth noting that these benefits are not seen in gastric banding, which was an older procedure.

KCM Clinic bariatric surgeons have expertise in gastric band removal and conversion so that such benefits can be expanded to more patients.

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Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?

Bariatric surgery procedures include gastric bypass surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, balloon bariatric surgery, metabolic and bariatric surgery, all of which are effective treatments for obesity. While they may be effective for weight loss, they are not a foolproof method of preventing any cancer. However, they can significantly lower the risks of colorectal cancer, as well as breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancers. It would therefore be a good idea to discuss such concerns with a specialist. You can reach out to KCM Clinic for advice by calling +48 75 645 2011.

Good weight management through bariatric surgery doesn’t just help with cancer risk reduction but is proven to lower the risk of comorbidities linked to obesity, such as heart disease and diabetes. KCM Clinic also provides behavioral obesity treatments, which are crucial for sustained healthy weight management.

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