Lek. med. Michał Ogrodnik
Lek. med. Michał Ogrodnik
Oddział / Klinika:

Lek. med. Michał Ogrodnik provides services in the field of prophylaxis, diagnostics and therapy of the male reproductive system and the urinary system of women and men.

As part of the urology clinic, KCM Clinic performs ultrasound examinations of the urinary system, cystoscopy (endoscopic examination of the urinary bladder), prostate biopsy and urodynamic examination.

The doctor is also the operator of the Urology Department of the KCM Clinic, where he specializes in the treatment of kidney stones.

Diseases treated:

  • kidney stones
  • urolithiasis
  • prostate hypertrophy
  • phimosis
  • prostate cancer
  • urinary incontinence
  • prostatitis
  • testicular cancer
  • testicular hydrocele
  • bladder cancer
Telefon: 75 645 20 00

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