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    ImplantsAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Implant consultation
    Implant consultation (maxillofacial surgeon specialist) with treatment plan€ 80
    Sinus lift
    Open sinus lift€ 960
    Closed sinus lift€ 490
    Bar supported full denture
    Bar supported full denture on 2 implants€ 1990
    Bar supported full denture on 4 implants€ 2890
    Bone regeneration with membrane and biomaterials
    Bone regeneration with membrane and biomaterials - small€ 560
    Bone regeneration with membrane and biomaterials - extensive€ 790
    Straumann implants and crowns
    Straumann Implant Implantation€ 900
    Straumann titanium crown fit€ 790
    Straumann zirconia crown fit€ 990
    Straumann ceramic crown fit€ 1220
    Straumann Locator abutment fit€ 440
    Straumann individual connector - surcharge€ 150
    Split alveolar process
    Split alveolar process - 1 tooth€ 440
    Split alveolar process - extensive€ 820
    Unit in a bridge on implants€ 330
    Post-surgical follow-up€ 40
    Surgical template€ 90
    Temporary crown on an implant€ 130
    Cosmetic dentistryAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Ceramic veneer€ 490
    Veneer fired on platinum foil€ 690
    Reconstruction of a broken tooth€ 110
    Whitening of dead teeth 1 tooth - 1 visit€ 50
    Home whitening - whitening gel kit next 4 syringes Oppalence€ 120
    Overlay splint 1 arch - prosthetic work€110
    Professional Opalescence teeth whitening with LED lamp€ 290
    HOME dental package - overlay splint 2 arches and Nite White home kit 3 shots€ 290
    Conservative dentistryAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Dental examination with consultation
    Comprehensive dental examination with consultation, treatment plan and OPG x-ray€ 80
    Comprehensive dental examination with consultation and treatment plan€ 80
    Complete preparation and restoration of a damaged angle in incisal teeth€ 80
    Layered tooth filling
    Layered tooth filling - single-surface (composite) with anesthesia€ 80
    Layered tooth filling - two-surface (composite) with anesthesia€ 85
    Layered tooth filling - multi-surface (composite), tooth reconstruction - with anesthesia€ 110
    Local anasthesia
    Local anasthesia - Karpula€ 20
    Local anesthesia - Wand€ 20
    Lower nerve block - Karpula€ 20
    Lower nerve block - Wand€ 20
    Sealing the filling€ 60
    Reconstruction of tooth crown before endodontic treatment€ 70
    Caries infiltration with ICON Caries material for 1 tooth€ 40
    Healing dressing in a permanent tooth€ 40
    Dental medical certificate€ 80
    Ozone treatment of a tooth with a small cavity (alternative to drilling)€ 40
    Reconstruction of a tooth on a fiberglass post€ 110
    Trepanation of a tooth€ 40
    Immobilization of loosened teeth with splints€ 100
    Glasjonomer-type temporary filling€ 50
    Dentistry - anesthesiologistAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Anaesthesia consultation€ 60
    General anesthesia
    General anesthesia with intubation in dentistry for up to 1 hour€ 220
    General anesthesia with intubation in dentistry - next hour€ 140
    General anesthesia with intubation in dentistry > 2 hours€ 360
    Hospitalization in a 1-bed room (up to 4 hours after general anesthesia)€ 130
    Inhalational anesthesia in dentistry with hospitalization€ 190
    Dental prophylaxisAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Scaling- ultrasonic dental cleaning€ 60
    Scaling, sandblasting, polishing, fluoridation + instruction€ 100
    Deep closed scaling€ 70
    Dental alveolus toilette, 1 tooth€ 40
    Contact fluoridation€ 40
    Sandblasting 1 arc - removal of deposits€ 40
    Sealing of tooth fissures with composite material€ 60
    Treatment of hypersensitivity 1 tooth€ 40
    Mouthguard for sports€ 100
    Ozone therapy - 1 tooth€ 40
    Sandblasting- dental stain€ 45
    Pediatric dentistryAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Child's dental examination with treatment plan and adaptive visit€ 40
    Filling a deciduous tooth with white or colored composite€ 70
    Filling a deciduous tooth with white or colored composite - extensive€ 70
    Extraction of a deciduous tooth under anesthesia€ 60
    Contact fluoridation in children€ 40
    Sealing of fissures 1 tooth€ 40
    Root canal treatment of a deciduous tooth€ 70
    Image-guided diagnosis of caries by fluorescence€ 45
    Healing dressing in a deciduous tooth€ 40
    Preparation of a cavity without using a drill (abrasion) + filling€ 50
    Ozonation of deciduous tooth+ remineralization€ 45
    ProstheticsAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Prosthodontic Consultation and Planning
    Consultation and planning of prosthetic treatment€ 60
    Diagnostic models - prosthetic treatment€ 70
    Wax-up at treatment planning - 1 tooth€ 40
    Denture Procedures
    One-point denture addition - prosthetic treatment€ 100
    Denture repair - prosthetic treatment€ 110
    Denture repair (tooth replacement, brackets)€ 110
    Denture relining€ 140
    Denture relining with elastic material€ 1640
    Acrylic full denture€ 470
    Vertex full denture€ 600
    Acron flexible denture€ 820
    Acrylic denture on telescopes€ 820
    Metal full / partial denture€ 820
    Crown and Bridge Procedures
    Porcelain fused to metal crown€ 330
    CAD/CAM porcelain fused to metal crown€ 360
    Porcelain fused to gold crown€ 550
    Zirconia CAD/CAM crown€ 490
    Zirconia crown with Procera technology€ 520
    CoCr telescopic crown€ 520
    Zirconia full ceramic crown€ 440
    LAVA all-ceramic crown on zirconia€ 520
    Temporary crown€ 60
    Laboratory temporary crown€ 130
    Foldable crown and root post€ 140
    Dental post€ 110
    Bredent precison attachment€ 280
    Re-cementing the crown€ 35
    Removal of the crown - 1 tooth€ 40
    Other Prosthetic Procedures
    Occlusion lifting€ 490
    Relaxation bite splint hard or soft€ 120
    Mouthguard for sports€ 140
    Rail against bruxism€ 110
    Individual reinforcement for prosthesis€ 110
    Special Procedures
    Surcharge for express prosthetic treatment€ 110-170
    Endodontics, prices with radiovisiographyAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Endodontic Consultation and Planning
    Endodontic consultation with root canal treatment planning€ 45
    Endodontic consultation with treatment plan and 2D pantomography€ 40
    Endodontic consultation with treatment plan and 3D CT scan€ 85
    Pulp Exposure and Closure
    Direct pulp coverage - exposing the pulp coverage with MTA preparation€ 70
    Closure of a perforation or apex with MTA€ 55
    Complete preparation and disinfection of the canal - each canal€ 50
    Temporary canal filling - any canal€ 45
    Microscopic Root Canal Treatment
    Surcharge microscopic root canal treatment of premolar€ 70
    Surcharge microscopic root canal treatment incisor€ 690
    Surcharge microscopic root canal treatment molar€ 85
    Pulp Extirpation Procedures
    Intravenous extyrpation of tooth pulp - any canal€ 45
    Extyrpation of devitalized tooth pulp - any canal€ 45
    Root Canal Treatment
    Root canal treatment of a premolar€ 250
    Root canal treatment of an incisor€ 190
    Root canal treatment of a molar€ 360
    Re-root Canal Treatment
    Re-root canal treatment of a premolar€ 370
    Re-root canal treatment of an incisor€ 290
    Re-root canal treatment of a molar€ 430
    Crown Restoration and Removal
    Removal of a prosthetic crown€ 40
    Crown restoration with fiberglass€ 110
    Special Procedures
    Surcharge for repeat endodontic treatment (re-endo)€ 90
    Removal of a foreign body from the canal€ 140
    Root Canal Filling
    Root canal filling - 1 channel€ 45
    Root canal filling - 2 channels€ 60
    Root canal filling - 3 channels€ 70
    Other Endodontic Procedures
    Endodontic whitening of dead teeth with restoration€ 100
    Intermediate coating of the pulp - calcium hydroxide€ 20
    Dental and maxillofacial surgeryAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Oral Lesion Removal
    Surgical removal of oral mucosal lesion - small lesion€ 140
    Surgical removal of oral mucosal lesion - medium lesion€ 170
    Surgical removal of oral mucosal lesion - large lesion€ 190
    Surgical Wound Supply:
    Surgical supply of a small wound - up to 3 alveoli€ 40
    Surgical supply of a large wound - more than 3 alveoli€ 60
    Maxillary Sinus and Wisdom Tooth Procedures
    Diagnosis of dentigerous diseases of the maxillary sinus€ 85
    Extraction of a wisdom tooth€ 410
    Extraction of a retained wisdom tooth€ 110
    Extraction of a retained eighth with a high degree of difficulty€ 330
    Tooth Extraction Procedures
    Extraoral chiseling tooth extraction€ 110
    Extraction of a single-root permanent tooth€ 110
    Extraction of a permanent multi-root tooth€ 140
    Surgical removal of two retained teeth€ 330
    Surgical removal of a retained tooth€ 170
    Operative extraction of a high-grade retained tooth€ 280
    Surgical removal of a retained tooth piezosurgery + Bio-oss€ 470
    Surgical removal of a retained tooth with augmentation + Bio-oss€ 360
    Gum and Frenulum Procedures
    Cosmetic gum plastic surgery€ 140
    Hemisection€ 60
    Frenectomy of the lip or tongue€ 1640
    Undercutting of the frenulum of the lip or tongue€ 140
    Abscess Treatment
    Intraoral incision and lavage of the abscess€ 45
    Extraoral incision and lavage of the abscess€ 70
    Orthodontic and Periodontal Procedures:
    Exposing the crown of a tooth for orthodontic purposes€ 140
    Covering gingival recession with palatal grafting€ 180
    Bone block transplantation€ 410
    Mucosal transplantation from the palate€ 410
    Bone regeneration with bone substitute material€ 600
    Other Surgical Procedures
    Post-surgical follow-up€ 40
    Oropharyngeal junction plasty with suturing€ 220
    Conservative treatment of trigeminal neuralgia€ 55
    Dry socket€ 45
    Apex resection of an anterior tooth root€ 220
    Reimplantation of a tooth with immobilization€ 550
    Apicoectomy - root end surgery€ 220
    Removal of the implant€ 220
    Surgical root removal€ 140
    Excision of the gingival cap€ 140
    Excision of facial skin and subcutaneous tissue lesion with hist-pat examination€ 90
    Excision of hard tissue lesion of the face with hist-pat examination€ 100
    Cauterization of the alveolus€ 45
    Removal of mesiodens€ 110
    Oral Cyst Procedures
    Cyst decompression with biopsy and obturator€ 440
    PeriodontologyAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Open curettage€ 195
    Open curettage 1 arc€110
    Open curettage with application. Emdogain (6 teeth)€ 390
    Rinsing the dental pocket and applying the drug€ 40
    Deep closed scaling€ 100
    Periodontal consultation with indicators€ 45
    Periodontal consultation with indices and panoramic photo€ 55
    Maxillofacial surgery in the Department of SurgeryAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Maxillofacial Surgery Procedures
    Consultation of a specialist in maxillofacial surgery€ 55
    Genioplasty - correction of the bony chin€ 140
    Le Fort jaw corticotomy€ 2200
    Surgical treatment of trigeminal neuralgia€ 410
    Operative treatment of a simple fracture of the mandible or maxilla€ 790
    Surgical treatment of a fractured alveolar process€ 680
    Conservative treatment (splinting) of a fracture of the jaw or mandible€ 600
    Osteoplastic Surgery
    Osteoplastic surgery for progenii/ retrogenii/ laterogenii€ 1890
    Oropharyngeal Fistula and Jaw Cyst Surgery
    Oropharyngeal fistula surgery with sinus surgery€ 960
    Radical surgery for jaw cyst with biomaterial implantation€ 960
    Maxillary/mandibular cyst surgery€ 690
    Maxillary/mandibular cyst surgery with bone grafting from the hip€ 2160
    Maxillary/mandibular cyst surgery with biomaterial filling€ 960
    Sinus Surgery and Sinus Lift
    Maxillary sinus surgery€ 690
    Open sinus lift - Day 1 Surgery€ 960
    Closed sinus lift - Day 1 Surgery€ 490
    Sinus Lift procedure (sinus lift) with the use of biomaterial€ 900
    Bone Graft Procedures
    Autogenous bone graft from the craniofacial region€ 790
    Autogenous bone graft from the hip plate€ 1890
    Tooth Trauma and Removal Procedures
    Repositioning or reimplantation of a tooth after trauma€ 140
    Splinting teeth after trauma€ 140
    Removal of teeth in an operating theatre setting€ 770
    Removal of a retained root€ 110
    Dental Implant Procedures
    Zygomatic implant placement€ 2100
    Radiological diagnosticsAll inclusive
    medical treatment price
    Description of 3D CT scan€ 30
    2D orthodontic x-ray (panorama + posterior-lateral cephalometry)€ 60
    2D X-ray pantomography of teeth€ 50
    3D tomography of mouth, sinuses + nose€ 90
    3D tomography - whole mouth€ 70
    3D tomography - temporomandibular joint€ 70
    3D tomography - maxillary sinuses€ 70
    2D posterior-anterior cephalometric images€ 40
    2D cephalometric occlusal radiographs€ 40
    Intraoral point-of-care RVG with CD recording - 1 tooth€ 30
    Spot intraoral RVG image - 1 tooth€ 30

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    Booking conditions

    All KCM Clinic cost estimates are valid for up to 90 days from the date of receipt.

    The condition of reservation of an appointment for a planned treatment at KCM CLINIC is making a deposit of 20% of the treatment price.

    The deposit may be paid via our safe payment system ESPAGOLink (detailed information and instructions provided by the coordinator) or by bank transfer to the designated bank account of KCM Clinic.

    KCM Clinic S.A., 5-7 Bankowa St., 58-500 Jelenia Góra, Poland

    Bank account no IBAN: PL 46114020910000245220002002 EUR; BIC/SWIFT BREXPLPWWRO

    mBank 50-136 Wrocław, pl. Jana Pawła II 19

    Transfer title: prepayment patient's name and date of planned procedure

    If the patient, for important and justified reasons, cancels the treatment at least 72 hours before its scheduled date or if the treatment cannot take place for reasons attributable to the Clinic, the deposit will be returned to the bank account indicated by the patient within 14 days.

    Conducting the procedure in the Clinic depends on making the full payment, which should be made to the bank account indicated no later than 2 working days before the date of the planned procedure, and in the case of payment by credit/debit card or in cash - at the cash desk of the Clinic on the day of admission to the Hospital.

    Payment methods

    At KCM Clinic we accept the following payment methods: cash / bank transfer / credit cards / debit cards / BLIK payments / ESPAGOLink payments.

    For patients registered in Poland, we offer the possibility to pay for a procedure in the instalment system through MEDIRATY, a company financing medical procedures.

    The website you are visiting is for information purposes only. Information contained herein does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code and other relevant provisions of the Civil Code and should not be used as a substitute for information available directly from KCM Clinic.