The procedures, using state-of-the-art equipment and under a microscope, are performed under 1-day surgery and a contract with the National Health Service, under local anesthesia.
Vitrectomy is a complex ophthalmic procedure, but often the last hope for patients to regain, or maintain vision in eye diseases until recently considered incurable. Indications for vitrectomy include : disorders of the vitreous body, bleeding into the vitreous body, retinal membranes, macular holes, retinal detachments, foreign bodies inside the eyeball, inflammation of the eyeball and diabetic retinopathy. Vitrectomy procedure is performed in the back of the eye and involves removing pathological lesions and repairing retinal structures. To perform the procedure, an ophthalmologist experienced in this field uses a special operating microscope.

The retina is a very delicate structure of the eye containing, among other things, sensitive photoreceptors that are unable to regenerate. The quality of vision depends on the extent of damage to the retina, and this highly specialized and poorly accessible surgery is often necessary to stop the threatened full loss of vision.

Vitrectomy surgery is therefore very often the only chance for a patient to save the ability to see.

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