What is the bariatric diet?

Preoperative diet is crucial in preparing the body for bariatric surgery. It mainly includes protein-rich and low-calorie protein shakes and easily digestible meals.

Protein plays an important role during this period as it helps to strengthen and protect muscle tissue. Additionally, protein helps the body burn fat, not muscle, as its primary fuel. Keeping your muscles strong can speed up the recovery process after surgery.

As your surgery date approaches, your diet may be limited to fluids or consist only of fluids. However, for some patients, depending on weight and general health, the doctor may allow the consumption of easily digestible solid foods. In such cases, consumption of fish, diluted hot cereal or soft-boiled eggs may be considered.

Before proceeding with the operation, it is necessary to consult the anesthetist for detailed instructions on the pre-operative diet. Recommendations may vary depending on the individual health conditions of the patient. For example, your doctor may suggest drinking carbohydrate-rich fluids up to 2 hours before surgery.

Remember that a pre-operative diet is often a personalized nutritional plan that should be tailored to your individual needs and medical guidelines. If you have any doubts or questions about your diet before surgery, it is always best to consult with the relevant medical professionals.

Bariatric diet recipes

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