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Sarah's story

Sarah: I chose KCM because it’s Polish company and I have a lot of respect for Polish people and Poland. The care that I’ve received here compared to the UK, I reckon it’s 10 times better. It really is. I feel so comfortable.

I’m here at the Palace on the Water. It’s so beautiful. The lovely spa hotel that KCM put me in for my all-inclusive for my teeth. So I was here in February to get a gastric sleeve and they really looked after me so well so I decided to come and get the dentistry work. I had the free consultation with a dentist in Feb and then come back to get my teeth done.

KCM: Sara is back with us. Welcome back.

Sarah: Hi. Thank you.

KCM: How are you doing?

Sarah: I’m really good, thanks.

KCM: Okay. Any results already?

Sarah: Yeah, I’ve lost quite a bit on my weight. I was 46 bra size, now I’m 36 back.

KCM: Splendid. Congratulations. Very well done. Fantastic. So how does it feel now? I mean, do you feel different?

Sarah: I feel much healthier in myself. It’s nice to have a life without thinking about food all the time. It’s like I just eat food to survive now, kind of. I haven’t had breakfast this morning and I couldn’t even eat much.

KCM: Which doctor are you seeing?

Sarah: with Dr. Turek

KCM: Splendid choice. Very good. Very good.

Sarah: He shaved most of my teeth down, lots of injections. But you know, funnily enough, although it was slightly sore, I didn’t feel much.

Before, my teeth were really jagged and not straight and they were really yellow and discolored.

Very bad. So lots of plaque and tartar from years of, you know, just abusing my teeth.

And KCM have given me a completely new smile. Absolutely impressive results. Love it.

Oh, I know. I can’t believe it. I was so scared because when I went in, I’m like, “Hold it right there.” I think I’ll have to stay home. I’ll cry, I’m not going out.

Yes, and getting a little teeth.

If you’re thinking about coming to KCM and maybe you’re a bit nervous flying on your own, you know, coming to a foreign country that– Sometimes it’s a bit scary but you don’t need to be scared because you get a driver that picks you up from the airport and you’re well looked after while you’re here as well. So if you are thinking about coming, make that decision. It’ll be the best decision you make in your life. For me, it’s a really important thing for me because I do a lot of public speaking.

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