Chloe's breast implant review

KCM: Hi. So Chloe came all the way from England to KCM Clinic to have her plastic surgery with Dr. Alexandra Luniewska, our favorite specialist from Poland. So Chloe, tell us, you arrived yesterday, yes? So what was the process exactly? What happened?

Chloe: I arrived at the airport and I was collected by Daniel, the driver. I was taken for a consultation with Dr Alexandra, which was really good, settled my nerves. Then I went to a hotel and came this morning. I’ve had some tests done and therefore.


So when I learned that Dr. Alexandra wasn’t there to do my surgery at the other clinic, I was really upset. I did say that I wasn’t going to bother coming over. And last week I found out where she was. Then I found out that she was at KCM which I was really pleased about so I decided that I wanted to follow her there and get it done there but I would have gone wherever she was working. So I’m going to Dr. Alexandra because I know people that have her before and I know that her work is outstanding. And so there was no way that I was going to go to anybody else. At the time, I wouldn’t rather have not come. Obviously now she is here and I don’t blame them for moving because it’s lovely. And the care and before each surgery is amazing.

KCM: Okay, so you had your consultation with Dr. Alexandra yesterday. So you made that the measurement and everything?

Chloe: Yeah, we did all of that yesterday.

KCM: Dr. Alexandra already saw your pictures before coming so she didn’t do the first qualification?

Chloe: He actually saw them before and recommended a breast enlargement, no uplift. And then when I saw her yesterday, she helped me go through all the sizes, the different types and we made the decision on what we were having.

KCM: And then which implants did you choose?

Chloe: They had MENTOR.

KCM: Yes, yes. So we as KCM, we only work actually with the MENTOR. So three more days, three or four more days and you’re back home.

Chloe: Yeah.

KCM: Super. Chloe. Thank you very much.

Chloe: Thank you.

the testimonial of another satisfied patient

Yeah, I’m really happy now I’m here. I feel more calm. I was really nervous but now I’m here. I feel a lot more settled. Dr. Marta came to see me before and I feel a lot more settled now. She went through everything: what was going to happen. She spoke in a way that I would understand which really, I have. She’s a really, really nice lady. Everything went really well from leaving my house this morning, the journey to the airport, from the airport. And then of course, I was greeted at the airport as well and brought straight over to the clinic. So everything from leaving, every moment has gone really, really well. I think if you’re considering doing it, I’d definitely make sure that it’s what you want. I know for myself, it’s been something that I’ve wanted for many years. And I’m so made up that I’m finally going to do it. But, yeah, I’d always just make sure that it’s what you want and not just do it for everybody else as well. You got to do it for yourself.